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Hunting and Guiding - Dog Photos and Videos

You never really know what you've got in a dog until you can see him or her in action. To try and give you a feel for some of our dogs, here is a collection of photos and videos of our dogs in training and on the hunt.


McGinnis Duck Hunt 2013 BCK Pup Hunt Halloween GSP Louisiana Duck Hunting Labrador Retrievers Alf Cobb hunting Labrador Shed Dog Champion Labrador Libby Kinetic Performance Dog Food Copper GSP Labrador Puppy Labrador Dove Hunt Tank Labrador Retriever Greg Dunn Labrador Retriever Sadie GSP Puppy Labrador Retriever Dove Hunting Boomer Labrador Retriever Sadie hunting GSP Jaeger hunting GSP Crash Labrador Retriever Beginning Handler Title GSP Boomer Labrador Retriever UGA Event 2013 UGA Event 2013 UGA Event 2013 UGA Event 2013 1st Place UGA Event 2013 Kale Labrador Retriever Tequila GSP Santo Hunt 2011 Kale Labrador Retriever Lucy GSP Santo Labrador hunt Daisy female GSP Willow and Cash pointing chukar Willow and Dixie point pheasant Scotch with UGA ribbon Cash and Willow point pheasant Dad and boys 2012 hunt Black Lab pup 1st duck hunt 2012 Cody hunting quail Code Red Greg Dunn hunting Addie with doves Pup with ribbon Noah training dogs Cody with AKC ribbons Hope on Point Jersey English Setter Nikki GSP Training Nikki GSP Training Jojo English Setter Chocolate Lab Pup Tator Labrador Retriever Two Black Labs Colt Pheasant Retrieve Yellow Labrador Puppy Lily GSP Puppy Lily GSP Puppy Wingo GSP Hunting GSP on point Mike UGA GSP Steve Ries and Lady Di Tequila UGA Ribbon Ryan and Mike UGA Gage UGA Pointing Lab Nikki UGA GSP UGA Pointing Lab Guys Willie and Daisy GSP Pheasant Hunt 7 man pointing dog pheasant hunt GSPs with Rooster hunt Pheasant limit with Lucy German Shorthair pheasant hunt 3 man upland pheasant hunt GSP winter hunt in field Pheasant Roosters HangingHunt with Noah

Christensen Pheasant Hunt 2011 September Duck HuntBlack Lab Cosmo Duck Retrieve Black Lab Bear Duck Hunt Guided Pheasant Hunt Nov 19, 2011 Rooster Pheasant Limit October 2011 Pheasant Hunt Guded Pheasant Hunt Nov 20, 2011 Lucy GSP Uland Hunt Limit Mike and boys Upland Hunt Vickers Pheasant Hunt 2011 Safari Iowa Pheasant Hunt Hunt with German Shorthair Daisy in November 2011 Family Pheasant Hunt 3 Hunting Dog Champions