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Meg female GSP

Meg is a 21 month old Black/White, Patched and Ticked female, 50lbs., with a great prescence in the field and ability for a dog her age. The daughter of a Master Hunter, she is bred for hunting or hunt testing.

She has OB Finished, a Natural Retriever but Force Fetched, CC, Steady to Wing, Natural Honor, releases only on command. Meg will be run this Summer 2012 in the AKC Hunt Test in Iowa. She will also be running in the events for the Upland Gundog Association for her title.

Meg has an excellent nose complimenting her superb bird finding ability and has been introduced to our string or guide dogs, and has asserted herself as one of the best in the field at all times. We're happy to have her at the kennel for the remainder of this year, as she is owned by the Stevans Family of Virginia.

Colt and Meg honor Colt Meg hunt party


Meg in field


Meg on point