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Lucy hunting upland

Lucy is a 52lb, Liver/Roan Patched and Ticked daughter of FC AFC KOJAC'S KMAN MH. This dog can flat out hunt, no questions asked. And when she leaves a field she leaves no doubt in ANYONE'S mind that she's the real deal. She is an amazing female, has tons of energy and can hunt for hours without tiring. She has an intense point, natural back, natural retrieve, and hunts 40-80 yard range. When in the field, she checks in periodically and runs the field with ease, naturally quartering and covering every inch. She tirelessly searches for birds and has a Cannon for a nose, pointing her birds out sometimes at 30 yards away.

Like Daisy, Lucy has also been hunted on wild birds in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota. She's been on thousands of birds including Pheasants (Ring neck and Kansas Bluebacks), various species of Quail, Chukar and Hungarian Partridge, Sage Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, and Prairie Chickens out west.

Recently Lucy was used on a TV Show that featured our kennel for Iowa Sportsman Magazine. Her and Willie stole the show with great points and retrieves on over 30 pheasants and quail in a 3 hour hunt. Here is a link to that show for your viewing. Click on Safari Iowa Pheasant Hunting on the right side bar.

Lucy on point Lucy GSP on point Lucy client hunt


Lucy retrieving rooster pheasant Lucy pheasant retrieve


Lucy pointing pheasant Lucy rooster limit


Lucy on point Lucy winter hunt Lucy Upland hunt October 2011 Daisy pointing and Lucy honoring