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BCK's Full Metal Jacket SH – "Jake"

Jake Labrador Retriever

Jake is a 70#, handsome, dark chocolate male. Son of GMHR HRCH MH QAA "Woody", a product of one of the nicest breedings we've done here at BCK.

As a puppy, it was clear that Jake was going to be a dog to watch. He was not your typical "chewer". He preferred bumpers to slippers and birds to furniture which made him a real joy to have in the home. When he reached the proper age we discovered just how biddable he was. A quick study with the ability to handle pressure had him through the force fetch process well ahead of schedule. Jake was the kind of pup that wanted back on the table when his session had ended.

Intelligence and drive have made him a real competitor in both the AKC and Upland Trial arenas. He learns quickly and has a true love for his job. He's a "natural" as they say. When not training, Jake continues to be a joy in the home.

Jake's offspring have all maintained his best characteristics: Beautiful, dark chocolate coat – Gentle manner – Intelligent -and a real desire to please. Jake has hunted the fields of IL, WI, IA, MN and SD. Pheasants, Geese, Ducks, Quail and chucker. He truly is a remarkable Labrador. We are excited to offer some of his progeny this year to our BCK customers.


Jake is standing at stud to approved females. For breeding information and pricing contact Matt Mercereau at (847) 561-2061.

Jake Labrador Retriever


Jake Labrador Retriever