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Izzy Female German Shorthaired Pointer

Izzy is a 3 year old 40 lb. Liver/Roan Patched and Ticked female that runs the field methodically always working the wind, and has a cannon for a nose. She consistently points birds from 20 plus yards out, she's steady on point, whoa broke, a strong retriever, and naturally honors other dogs.


Izzy is one of our Top 3 guide dogs every fall as we provide professional guided hunts for our clients on Wild Pheasants here in Iowa. We also are contracted out to guide Upland Hunts at top-notch game preserves here as well. This allows us to hunt our dogs on Pheasants, Bobwhite Quail, Hungarian Partridge, and Chukar Partridge. Thus creating such a bird-rich environment that our dogs natural versatility shines.

We've had some of the best hunts of our lives with this girl. As well as provided some lifetime memories with our clients, all whom had the opportunity to hunt behind this magnificent dog in the past few years.

Izzy's puppies are some of the nicest, natural bird dogs we've ever trained. We're proud to share her progeny with the hunters, families, and hunt testers throughout the United States.



Izzy will finish her AKC Junior Hunt Title this Spring 2013.

Izzy Female German Shorthaired Pointer


Izzy Female German Shorthaired Pointer


Izzy Female German Shorthaired Pointer