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Haley hunting

Haley is the daughter to Coal Von-Ferronhaus SH. She is a Black/Roan, Patched and Ticked Female, 55lbs, with a Cannon for a Nose! Very intense on her points, natural retriever, and throws all these qualities in her pups. Haley achieved her Upland Gundog Title with the Upland Gundog Association on March 24th, 2012.

Haley has been on our guide string for the past 3 years, having nearly 3000 birds shot over her. She hunts extensively upland but loves the water. She's been hunted on Pheasants (Ring neck and Kansas Blueback), Chukar Partridge, Hungarian Partridge, Bobwhite Quail, Gamble's Quail, and Grouse and Woodcock. One of the best dogs All Around we've ever had the privilege of hunting behind. She was also featured in 2009 on a Television Show called "In Your Backyard Iowa". Haley is Steady on point, a natural retriever, stylish, intense, great temperament, phenomenal mother; she is the perfect hunting companion.

Haley has produced some of the most natural bird dogs we've ever seen. We have numerous testimonials regarding her puppies that show the intelligence and natural abilities she throws in her pups. Quick learners and fast starters in the field, her pups are usually hunting and producing birds by 10 months of age. That is truly amazing.

We plan on running Haley this upcoming year 2012 for her AKC Title. Keep an eye on her page for her standings and ribbons acquired!

Haley female GSP Haley GSPGSP Haley in native grassesHaley client hunt  
Haley female GSP Haley rooster hunt limit Haley and Mike Haley winter hunt  
Haley rooster pheasant retrieveHaley on point Haley on point  

Haley GSP honoring Haley pheasant guided hunt