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Daisy on point

Daisy is a 48lb, small framed, fast and snappy female. She is Liver/White Patched and Ticked, has a great nose, loves to hunt and is good at what she does! Daisy is an amazing female, has tons of energy and can hunt for hours without tiring. She may be small, but she can get through any cover and isn't afraid to go into thick, nasty brush for a bird. She has a stylish point, natural back, natural retrieve, and hunts 40-80 yard range.

Daisy has been hunted on wild birds in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota. She's been on thousands of birds including Pheasants (Ring neck and Kansas Bluebacks), various species of Quail, Chukar and Hungarian Partridge, Sage Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, and Prairie Chickens out west.

She is one of the most natural dogs we've had here and is a staple in our Guide String at Safari Iowa. She never ceases to impress with her stylish points, superior nose, and ability to find birds that other dogs can't. We never lose a downed bird with Daisy. Never.

Daisy hunting with Mike Daisy Pointing Right Daisy with Pheasant limit Daisy GSP Jan Hunt


Daisy hunting Chukhar Daisy on point Daisy winter pheasant hunt


Daisy retrieve Daisy hunt with Vickers Daisy winter pheasant retrieve


Daisy on point with Willie honoring